Frequently Asked Questions

If you require web hosting AND use the following link to create your account you'll be helping by providing a cash incentive that our web host provides. Click here to set up your own web hosting and help in the process! is hosted by, which uses wind technology to provide a 130% green hosting farm. (Yes, they are powering more wind energy than they are using, giving back to the local power company energy each month!) offers two distinctly different search engines. Each search engine actually works differently, instead of disabling the default search function, another search function was added.

Search box: The search box provides a "fuzzy search" meaning search results do not have to match exactly the search criteria. The entire site is indexed and each 'word' is broken up into three digit pieces, each piece is a portion of a search result. The word apple is broken into "app", "ppl", and "ple". When you search on epple, you'll still get "apple" in the search result.

Search menu item: Within the main menu you'll see "Search". This is the default search for the site, partial words are not indexed, so you would have to match an exact word to get a search result, although you could use the Advanced Search to narrow your search result to a particular criteria, which the "fuzzy search" does not offer.

Only registered users can watch video.  (It's a free site with no banner ADs, there must be limits somewhere!)

Only registered users can sign up to receive email subscriptions for change notices.  (This provides a safe storage of your email address!)

Only registered users can contribute to  (Contact Loopyguy for details)

Depending on your RSS reader one of the following should work:

1. For browser RSS readers click on

2. For most application RSS readers copy the url to your RSS reader as a new feed:

1. Register for an account so we may securely store your email address

2. Click on "My Account" under the main menu and then look for the Subscriptions tab.

3. Photo Gallery updates will be sent to you if you subscribe under "Categories"

4. Most other pages you can subscribe to under "Content Types"